27. feb. 2016


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So I have known the brand Brandy Melville for quite some time now. And I've never owned anything from the brand, but I really do love their style. It's so simple and easy. They have those pieces I really appreciate - like the turtleneck. And that cute romper!

Bomber [] | Romper [] | Flannel [] | Turtleneck []

Since I really started watching YouTube videos - and especially the American YouTubers I have been introduced to Brandy Melville and the amazing clothes. And ever since I have thought about the clothes - and since we are soon walking into spring, and get help but look on the site.

Especially because I think the clothes have a spring or summer vibe to the style they do. So when I browsed through their website UK/US I just really wanted to jump on a plane and fly to a warmer place. But I am starting to buy stuff for when I am going on Holiday in July.

And that romper looks just perfect. Even though those other three things aren't really summer wear - or not in the warmer climates. But here in Denmark they're perfect to the transition between winter-spring and spring-summer. A bomber jacket is perfect for the transition between spring and summer, and it can even be worn in the summer - in the nights when it get's a little chilly.

The turtleneck is good for now and in spring, because spring isn't always so warm here in Denmark. And the flannel is actually good for all seasons. It's perfect for layering, so it's easy to tie around your waist when it's to warm - and it's a good extra layer in the colder months. And when it's summer, it's a good alternative to a jacket.

So I hope when I come to the US one day - hopefully next summer (Summer of 2017) I can experience the lovely american summers and the lovely Brandy Melville clothes - hopefully with the clothes before.

Even though there's one problem - they don't ship to Denmark on either of the sites. Bummer right? But I have just yesterday actually posted my secret to getting things like this anyway - so check out my secret right here

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